In 2019, designer Niki Korman moved to NYC to follow her dreams of creating timeless, quality pieces that are anything but dull. She started her journey by recreating her favorite staple: a black leather jacket, but yearned for one that was unlike anything she had ever seen. With a vision of a boxy, slightly oversized garment, she took a basic silhouette, added a colorful strap, and voila: The Eddie was created and NTK was born! 

Since then, Niki has expanded her line to include denim jackets, corset style tops, tees, and an array of denim.  

Niki’s mission is to create thoughtfully made garments that fit as well as they look. Taking inspiration from 90s New York style, the brand gives the off-duty look for wherever life takes you. She strives to build a brand that’s timeless, with a standout edge. NTK channels the casual mystique of the New York City girl. The girl who can be found shopping in the cobblestone streets of SOHO, hopping on the train to grab a drink at a chic new bar in Brooklyn, or dancing with her friends until 3am.

Notorious, Timeless, Known.

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